ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴘᴏɪꜱᴏɴ

Poison To The Bone is a solo female run business by Georgia Cook based in the suburbs of Melbourne, inspired by skate and street wear, mixing between unisex wear, grunge and fem pieces. Poison To The Bone was created as a result of seeing very few skate brands catering to smaller sizing options, and as skateboarding is a male dominated culture, many outlets do not stock female clothing styles. Poison To The Bone is trying to help break the stereotype in skate wear by offering more types of fits, sizes and colour ways. 

Especially myself (Georgia) being more grunge fem, I really love switching up my fashion while skating depending on my mood. There is nothing better on a hot summer’s day than skating in small crop top and baggy pants, or throwing on an oversized tee 2 sizes too big! Same way in my everyday life, my outfit styles change as often as my mood! So Poison To The Bone was made for everyone that has a love for expressing their fashion through different colour ways and styles. For those not scared to just be themselves and not conform to society… SO Stay Weird & Stay Poison xxx


Slow Fashion – behind the scenes process of a handmade one woman business 

Hey legends! I just wanted to give a bit more info about Poison To The Bone, so you can get more of an insight into the behind the scenes of the brand and how all of your threads are made. I try to get your orders out as soon as possible so they are usually shipped out 1-3 days after purchase! 

I am trying to make Poison To The Bone as ethical as possible, by sourcing my blanks from trusted Australian businesses in QLD and NSW. Once these blanks have all been delivered and checked I place them all in my studio and wait for orders. Wanting to minimize waste, I wait until my orders come through to start the making and packing process. Depending on the item, there are different processes for this, as some are DTG printed in Queensland. For these I will sew on the label and iron the T-shirt or hand cut the length of crop.

All the other designs (my own work) are made from HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), which is cut on my Cricut machine, unwanted parts hand weeded out (a very tricky process!) and heat pressed on. This is a much lengthier process, which is very delicate but it’s great making each order as I go because I can take note of what people buy and personalise the rest of the package for them. For large orders, this can include free pins or accessories, as I appreciate every order!! Finally, it’s packed and dropped off at the local Australia Post. 

I really love making the orders as I go and being as creative as possible. So instead of paying someone else to embroider my items, I have bought an embroidery machine which I am currently working on perfecting !! New threads coming soon so STAY TUNED xxx